Thai cuisine at its best.

Thai Thai Restaurants

The concept consists of four locations. Each one is different and unique, but they are visibly connected by authentic cuisine, modern, but fully thai-inspired interior and this special ambiance. Outstanding, but authentic dishes, top quality ingridients from around the globe, extremely talented head chef, and a crew of meticulously chosen cooks, from the finest restaurants in his country of origin. Thailand was never closer.

Thai Thai -restauracje

The secret of our dishes lies in the original ingredients, thai seasoning and traditional recipes.

Thai Thai -restauracje

Taste real Thailand, get to know the culture of eating in that exotic country, enjoy dishes so different, from the ones you are accustomed to. Embark on an unforgettable voyage with us.

Thai Thai -restauracje

Inspired by distant travels and oriental cuisine we created absolutely exquisite interiors marvelously emphasizing far-eastern trends.

Thai Thai -restauracje

Allow yourself a moment of luxury. Taste each moment with your close ones. Celebrate life and let life suprise you.

Our chefs

Creating an oriental culinary concept we decided to keep things authentic to the maximum extent. Our menu is devised by an outstandin head chef, who gathered his experience working in places like Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, Sheraton Warsaw and other hi-end hotels across the globe. He had the privelige of preparing his dished during high-rank dyplomatic events, like the visit of the king of Thailand or president of the Russian Federation in Poland. In each of our restaurants, unmached thai chefs, meticously selected by our head chef bring authentic thai dishes to the plates of our guests -the highest sign of respect for each of them.

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